Need a 200 words minimum response with reference by Thursday Evening at 9pm EST.

Text: Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development, Ch. 10: Leadership of Culture, Ethics, and Diversity


How do you usually handle conflict at work with people from different cultures? What steps do you take?


Explain the power of culture to an organization’s effectiveness, both internally and externally.


Distinguish between symbolic and substantive leadership actions for shaping organizational culture.


Identify and briefly describe the four types of culture commonly found in organizations.


Describe Hofstede’s theory on National Culture Identities.


Identify organizational practices that do foster an ethical work environment.


Explain how authentic leadership has its roots in moral and ethical theory of leadership.


Explain the benefits of embracing diversity.


What leadership actions can support and sustain a pro-diversity culture?

Text: Leadership and Change Management, Ch. 6: Organizational Behavior, Group Dynamics, and Change


Consider your own ego or facade personality. Which values and attributes keep you most aligned with your most important reference group, e.g. your family, your church community or your organization? How or Why?

Text: Leadership and Change Management, Ch. 8: Leadership and Ethics


Have you ever made a decision based on what the group expected of you rather than what you would have preferred to do? If yes – why? If never, what ethical principle justified your breaking out of group norms?