The paper should be about 10 pages using 11 pt. Time New Roman font, double space with default margins. Please submit a word document through course space;

·       Start with a brief summary with information such as the company’s background, which country it is interested in entering, and what are the key issues;

·       Explain why it is important and/or necessary for the company to expand to international markets;

·       Provide a brief analysis to show how the new market’s environmental factors might be different from its home country, and discuss possible marketing implications;

·       Check Hofstede’s website and other online resources to see are these two countries different from each other on the five cultural values. Then, explain in detail how such differences might impact the marketing practices;

·       Design a marketing research project, using both secondary and primary data, to help the company better understand the new market;

·       Do a STP analysis and clarify possible target markets as well as the corresponding positioning for the company;

·       Summarize your recommendations.