Should Condom Machines Be Installed In Prisons? – video in Y

Should Condom Machines Be Installed In Prisons? – video in YoutubeAfter visiting the web site, Should Condom Machines Be Installed In Prisons?; allow these questions to direct your thoughts.How appropriate was this site and its material to the understanding of the issues of sexually transmitted diseases in prison?What part of the web site interested you the most or least? And why?What should be done, if anything to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in prison?answer should be around 150 wordsthan reply to somebody post(around 75 words ): ‘I felt that this video touched base on a lot of different topics. They discussed the realities within the prison system and even briefly discussed the military. Sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s) are a problem within prisons and are not well addressed. This video even discussed sexual assault which is again a problem within prisons. Honestly, I found it interesting that they were even thinking about putting condoms in prison. I think that is a positive message to send to inmates. If they are going to be partaking in sexual acts then they should at least be safe. But I question whether inmates will actually use them, due to the fact that not all inmates are open about their sexuality and what kind of precautions would be taken place in female prisons? Other than condoms, the only other thing I would suggest is sex education within prisons. This system already lacks within the United States already, why not put a program to educate inmates of the dangers and seriousness of STD’s. Of course there is no guarantee that this will fix the problem but it can at least spread awareness.’

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