Show your work on all problems to get full credits. Submit t

Show your work on all problems to get full credits. Submit the completed quiz in the assignment folder.Total Points: 100 Due:June 18, 20171.a. Find the midpoint of the segment with endpoints (5, –2) and (7, 4). b.The point (4, –1) is on a circle with center (7, 3). Find the length ofradius of the circle.2. Simplify: 3.a. Find the slope-intercept equation for a line with slope 5 and which passes through the point (1, –2). b. Find the slope of the line through the points (8, 1) and (7, 3).4.a. Solve:b. Solve 5. Find the domain of the functions:a. b. 6. a. For the graph of the function f (x) = x2 – 5x + 6, find the vertex and the axis of symmetry.b. One number is 2 more than another. The product of the numbers is 35. Find the numbers.7. A salesperson earns a base salary of $2,000 per month and a commission of 5% on the amount of sales made. If the salesperson has a paycheck of $3,006 for one month, what was the amount of sales for the month?8. a. For x values in what interval (s) is the function increasing?b. Determine whether the graph of y = 3 + x2 is symmetric with respect tox-axis, y-axis, or the origin.9. a. Find the zero of the function f(x) = 8 – 2xb. Write the equation for a function that has a graph with the given properties. The shape of y = |x| but stretched vertically by a factor of 2 and shifted right 3 units. 10.Find k so that the line containing the points (-3,k) and (4,8) is parallel to the line containing the points (5,3) and(1, -6).

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