StatementIn Charles Convenience store there are three type

Statement:In Charles Convenience store, there are three types of employees. The types are manager,general worker and trainee. Employee name and id are the attributes for each of the employees.The manager gets a weekly salary of $1500.00 dollars plus 5% of the sales amount of that week.General workers and trainees also get salary on a weekly basis and they get overtime for workingmore than 40 hours. If the hours worked by general worker are below 40 then they get $10.00 perhour. Overtime rate for general workers is $15.00 per hour. Normal hourly pay rate for traineesis $8.00 per hour and overtime hourly pay rate is $12.00 per hour. Write a program to calculate weekly salary of the manager, general workers and trainees usingC++ or Java language. Incorporate object-oriented programming concepts like encapsulation,generalization and polymorphism in your code. Report should contain the UMLdiagram.

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