Store ten basketball player names and their and their points

Store ten basketball player names and their and their points scored in the last game in a text file such as Notepad. There will be one score per player..Write a Windows Forms application in C# to retrieve the names and the scores.Display the player name with the highest score and the average points scored for all players..Show what is being written in the new file.Hint: You might consider adding delimiters between the data values in the original text file to simplify retrieving and processing the data._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Using Microsoft® Visual Studio®, develop the details of each section using the program in Week Two.Review the following for an example:Adding students – The following data should be collected from student users: First nameLast nameStudent ID numberAddressPhoneE-mailDegree programAdding faculty members – The following data should be collected from faculty users: First nameLast nameFaculty ID numberAddressPhoneE-mailCollege programAdding courses – The following data should be collected: Course numberCourse descriptionStart dateEnd dateLocationNumber of creditsFaculty ID numberThe program should store user inputs in flat files. Hint: Use a class to create custom types.This is a two part project and for project two everything is already there with the attached file all we have to do is adding the data in. The data is in the Word file that I will provide once a tutor pick this assignment up.

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