Student The communicator has fundamentally discussed the th

Student: The communicator has fundamentally discussed the theory as well as the opinion of Socrates based on the value of self-confidence. The issue that numerous individuals crave the acknowledgment of the eminent in the community is furious since most of the time, those individuals do not even know themselves who they are. It is, thus, not in order to live in acknowledgment of others. The Socrates suggest that an individual should have his or her personal beliefs, so those are the fundamentals a person should find, live by them, and they will assist someone to develop self-confidence. Other significant information contained in the video, is that we should define ourselves by not relying on other persons’ views.The issue of Socrates being the ugliest philosopher is less of fact but more of an opinion. I believe there is no defined strategy of identifying the extent to which a person is ugly. It is a less objective statement rather than subjective. The narrator mentions some information which is not useful. For instance, the information regarding how Athens’ buildings appear does not talk about self-confidence. The key message should be insisting on the significance of one’s beliefs as well as believing in oneself.The issue that individuals live to seek acknowledgment of others is what has enhanced humans live a life which is unrealized. Various individuals live as well as die without ever getting what their expected and genuine purpose on earth is, and thus leave their purposes unfulfilled. Such purposes can be coming up with solutions to challenges facing the society. It is a situation that Socrates was attempting to eliminate in the community. He expected every person to engage in a life that is purposeful. According to Socrates, if every person could have lived and served their purposes in the society, problems facing various people would be dealt with effectively.Your reply should be at minimum 250 words. In your reply you’ll incorporate the Socratic Method discussed in the video (5 distinct steps) for developing trustworthy beliefs to analyze the common sense belief(s) the student offered. For the student’s common sense belief you are responding and replying to, see if you can create a statement based on the common sense view that has no exception. If you cannot do so, explain why that is and whether what you have stated should become be a common sense view. To review, in your reply you’ll incorporate the Socratic Method discussed in the video (5 distinct steps) for developing trustworthy beliefs to analyze the common sense belief(s) the student offered.

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