Subject ‘Every Little Hurricane’ by Sherman AlexiePrompt A

Subject: ‘Every Little Hurricane’ by Sherman AlexiePrompt: Analyze a particular element (character, symbol, leitmotif) in a shortstory and argue its significance to the story’s meaning.This essay is for a general academic audienceFormatting:4-5 pages (1000 – 1250 words); MLA formatting(see for help.)Reminders:●Although you are not required to use sources, any sources used should be documented.●In an essay of this nature, it’s best to use specific passages to back up your discussion since doing so offers more opportunity for close analysis……………………….every little hurricaneHere is my outline/info for the argumentative/fiction essay that needs to be covered: Hook: No matter what the destiny is, and no matter what has happened in the past, it’s the best solution to be patient and strong in any stage. Thesis: It is definitely possible to successfully survive and win over a tragedy with two powerful weapons called patience and strength. First body paragraph: definition of patience, an evidence from ‘Every Little Hurricane’ which is about Victor’s nightmares and how he survived, an example of patient people who succeeded. Second body: definition of strength and how it looks like to be strong enough to deal with conflicts, an evidence (quote or paraphrase) from ‘Every Little Hurricane’ about strength, and example to support the idea of strength and its power. Third body: claims about those people who suffered but have chosen to peacefully deal with their traumatic experiences and most importantly chosen to be patient and strong. Lastly, the benefits of being patient and strong which is way better than giving up, being exhausted and impatient. Conclusion: it’s always the best to choose the spiritual way which is being patient and strong. Call to action: everyone needs to be able to learn to be patient to let bad memories go away and be strong enough to continue positively. ……………..Ultimately, the paper should cover the following questions:What does the text say? Provide paraphrased ideas or direct quotations to use in your essay(be sure to distinguish between what you paraphrase and directquotations. Include page numbers for all material):What does the text mean? How do I interpret this? (Read between the lines):Why does it matter? How does it relate to your thesis?:……………….I need a NON-PLAGIARIZED essay and it is the most important point about it. Thanks,Sincerely, Shaki

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