Submit Week Six Written Assignment HereFor this week’s assig

Submit Week Six Written Assignment HereFor this week’s assignment, in a single Word or PDF document write about budgeting and the budgeting process within an organization and the security department.How are budgets created, implemented, and supervised in a security department? Why is it important to have a budget in a security department?How does security work within an organization’s budgeting process? Include at least two common metrics associated with security and an organization’s budget.Explain in detail at least two common methods for budgeting. Compare and contrast each method.Find and explain at least one other information security budgeting process model.Include at least two additional references not included above.Reminders: Students are required to submit assignments with a name, course name/number and page numbers on your assignments. Please double space your work, and re-state the questions. Grading is facilitated when the assignment submission is well structured, and the questions (opposed to your answers) have been bolded. Please forllow APA or MLA formatting, especially for citations and references. Make sure your papers start with introductory and end with concluding paragraphs. Your answers must be in complete sentences with proper attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Submit using the link provided.Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF documents only. File Naming Convention: Students are required to submit assignments with their last name, followed by the week’s assignment; e.g. smith1.2. Late submitters will be penalized.

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