Successful selling is based on planning and preparation befo

Successful selling is based on planning and preparation before the sales call and sales presentation. One of the most important areas of preparation pertains to understanding a product’s features and how those features might solve buyers’ needs. The link between product features and buyers’ needs is accomplished by converting a product’s features into benefits for the buyer. Benefits are solutions to needs. It is important to realize that specific product features may yield different benefits to different buyers. Thus, preparation includes imagining the variety of buyers’ needs that a feature might address and how to uncover potential benefits through questioning. The objective of the sales presentation assignment is to gain experience applying the selling process by planning for and preparing a formal sales presentation to meet the needs of a customer. This assignment will help you apply and integrate all of the course objectives for MKG 360. The sales presentation assignment will be completed in sections with the final sales presentation due in Module 8.Throughout the course, you will complete a number of graded Sales Call Presentation milestone assignments that will support your work on your final project. Throughout the course, you will also have reminders that will prompt you about where you should be in the project development process. For the purposes of your final portfolio assignment, you are a sales person for an international sales organization of your choice. You will be expected to revise the Milestones you completed in Modules 1, 4, and 7, add the Module 8 slides and submit a final Sales Call Presentation in Module 8 as a Portfolio Project.Module 1 Milestone: Identifying Prospective CustomersIdentify a prospective customer, including the customer’s name, the industry, and a brief description of his or her needs. Identify your total market offering: Consider what you could potentially sell to the prospective customer. Module 4 Milestone: Making the Professional IntroductionHow would you introduce your organization? How would you gain a prospect’s attention?Effectively build rapport: How can you establish it?Create a transition from rapport to needs identification.Module 7 Milestone- Identify NeedsDiscuss decision criteria and the people involved in the decision-making process.Module 8 Milestone: Product/Service Description and ClosePresent benefits based upon buyer needs instead of just features.Create a logical, convincing presentation with a strategy to communicate and persuade regarding reason to buy.Persuasively present a reason to buy.Asks for business or appropriate commitment from the buyer, given the nature of this particular sales call.Conclusion.Final Presentation RequirementsPrepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation with voice narration. If you do not have access to a microphone, you may write out your narration as a script and submit as an accompanying Word document or find an alternative way of presenting the narration, depending on the program. PowerPoint, for instance, has the option to add notes at the bottom of each slide. Be sure to clearly designate which slide the narration accompanies. Cite a minimum of four peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. You may also use your textbook as an additional source. The CSU-Global library is a great place to find these resources. Format all sources according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.If you do not have access to PowerPoint, you may use a program like Google, SlideRocket, Prezi, or another software to create your presentation. Embed voice narration in your presentation or follow the same directions above for a written script and submit it separately. Familiarize yourself with the program you choose early on in the process. You will be graded on the thoroughness of your presentation, its usefulness as a sales tool, your understanding of the concepts presented in this course, and writing style and mechanics.Refer to the Portfolio Project grading rubric available in the Module 8 Folder for information on grading details.

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