Summarize and characterize the changing nature of the Russia

Summarize and characterize the changing nature of the Russian-American relationship in the world since 1945.This is what I wrote below but from my feedback i received, I need to add organize the essay and add more clear points and more information. In addition, I need an introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Feel free to organize and add any additional information to make this a stronger essay. Thank you!___________________________________________In the period of 1922 until 1991, Russia was the biggest contributor to the Soviet Union. However, during the last half of the final period of the 20th century, America and the Soviet Union became the major players to the epic battle that was referred as Cold War that would lead to the domination of the global community. The struggle that caused the war was between the capitalism and the communist states of the economic and social movements. After Russia adopting the democracy and capitalism structures, Cold War tales are about the colors of Russian-U.S. relationships. World War II The Soviet Union and other nations were issued with money before the World War II to finance the purchase of weapons and other support for the fight against the Nazi Germany. Russia and the United States became allies during the liberation of the European community. When the war was over, the nations that were dominated by Soviet forces developed the Soviet influence. A territory was described by the British Prime Minister to be behind the Iron Curtain. The separation gave framework that leads to the Cold War that took place in 1947 to 1991. The fall of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev who was the Soviet leader managed to lead a series of reforms that resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet empire and formed independent states. In the year 1991, Boris Yeltsin became the first Russian president through a democratic election. The reforms in Russia created an overhaul to the United States foreign and defense policies. The New Cooperation The Cold War created the new opportunity for the United States and Russia. The permanent seat was taken by Russia (the veto power) that was there before held by the Soviet Union under the United Nations Security Council. The gridlock created by the council brought a new birth to the United Nations. It was after the Cold War that Russia was invited to be among the G-7 members. The G-7 members are known to be the largest economic group in the world making it to the G-8. The union helped the United States and Russia in finding ways to cooperate with the aim of securing loose nukes formerly in the Soviet boundary. However, there is more to be done in the union between Russia and the United States.

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