Take a close look at one era of newspaper history and report

Take a close look at one era of newspaper history and report on what you find. Search on the Web for your specific topic, such as “penny press,” “yellow journalism,” or “muckracking,” or “underground press”.How does the journalistic practices of your selected era compare with the ones of today?Write a two page double spaced response on your findings. Please include citations in the proper MLA citation format.CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormatview longer descriptionTwo pages are typed, no spelling errors or grammatical errors.2.5 ptstwo typed pages, with two or less grammatical or spelling errors1.5 ptsOne page typed. Less than three grammatical or spelling errors1.0 ptsOne page typed. More than four grammatical or spelling errors.0.0 pts2.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearchSelected relevant era. Selected three elements to examine.2.5 ptsSelected relevant era. Selected two elements to examine.1.5 ptsSelected relevant era. Examined only one element,.1.0 ptsEither did not select a relevant era or did not bring out any elements to examine.0.0 pts2.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysisCompared the era to present day media.2.5 ptsDid not address any comparisons to present day media0.0 pts2.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCitationsAt least two acceptable academic sources used, and are cited in proper format.2.5 ptsOne acceptable academic sources used and is cited in the proper format.1.5 ptsSource is either not acceptable for academics (wikepedia or dictionary) or is in an unacceptable format.1.0 ptsSource was both in an unacceptable format and from an unacceptable source.0.0 pts2.5 ptsTotal Points: 10.0PreviousNext

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