Team based care is needed in the hospital. It takes a team a

Team based care is needed in the hospital. It takes a team approach to care for critical and complex patients. The article “Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care” describes the importance of teamwork and effective communication. A common problem I see in my unit is understaffing and employee burnout. Everyone is always busy and the CNAs can get really overworked and become grumpy. The RNs can get grumpy too. The RNs get busy too and there is not enough help to go around. The director and manager know that this is going on but, refuse to hire more CNAs. They say that they cannot afford it. Doing more with less is our motto. We our doing primary care and then have to finish our charting off the lock. Our hospital has a high turnover rate with new grads as well as experienced nurses. This costs the hospital more money. If management focuses on making employees happy instead of burning them out, they can work like a team and provide better care for the patients. I try to motivate the CNAs I work with. I write them applause cards and let them know how much I appreciate them. I try to do things to make them want to do their best. Mitchell, P., Wynia, M., Golden, R., McNellis, B., Okun, S., Webb, C.,.Von Kohorn, I. (2012). Core Principles & Values of EffectiTeam-Based Health Care. Institute of Medicine . Retrieved July 03, 2017, from

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