The Norton’s introduction to the period of American Literatu

The Norton’s introduction to the period of American Literature between the periods of 1914-1945 mentions several important historical and cultural events as well famous thinkers that influenced the Modernist period. Choose one of these influences and research more about your choice. For example, you may choose to research more about World War I, The Great Depression, The Great Migration, Karl Marx, Communism, Freud, Suffragettes, etc. There are other events and people mentioned in this section–you can choose anything you wish. You can use the web for your research; however, you should use the CRAAP test to determine if your website is credible. Or, you may choose to use the SPC databases. You can learn more about using the databases here: Accessing the Library Databases for Literature. If you’ve chosen a person to research, I recommend using the Biography in Context Database. If you are prompted to enter your user id and password, enter your student number and then last four digits of your social security number. Once you’ve done some preliminary research, write a brief summary of what you’ve learned and how/where this influence is showcased in one of the works we read this week. Your response should be about 150-200 words and take the form of a well-structured paragraph. After you’ve posted your summary, make sure to include a Works Cited entry for the source that you’ve used. Finally, respond to a peer’s post that has chosen a different influence. Write a sentence or two that explains what you might have learned from his or her summary. Your peer response should be about 50-75 words. *Make sure to proofread/edit.

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