The Signature Assignment for this class requires you to asse

The Signature Assignment for this class requires you to assess whatdirection personality theory and research will occur in the twenty-firstcentury. Based upon your personal interests in psychology, you will selectan area – abnormal, developmental, organizational, police, military,forensic, etc. – and determine how personality theory’s application hasevolved in the selected area. For example, perhaps new personalityassessments and tests have been used to identify employee integrity; astudy has identified the best personality mix for work team; or, perhapsresearch has proposed a new way to evaluate abnormal behavior.Be sure your analysis addresses the following:*Identify the key theoretical perspective(s) you have reviewed in thiscourse that have influenced the development of the selected field.*Discuss the impact of cultural influences on personality as applied to theselected field.*Note any ethical challenges that might exist in applying personalitytesting or conducting personality research in the selected field.*Suggest what new research opportunities exist to expand the application ofpersonality theory in the selected field.Locate at least 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals and other scholarlysources that support your investigation. The research you utilized indeveloping your Annotated Outline can be reused. However, these resourcesshould be supplemented in the areas that were indicated by your instructor.Remember to incorporate any other faculty feedback from your annotatedoutline into your final assignment.Length: 12-15 pagesYour paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas andconcepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insightsrelating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarlywriting and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to NorthcentralUniversity’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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