The term ‘creative destruction’ sometimes called ‘creative

The term ‘creative destruction,’ sometimes called ‘creative disruption,’ was coined by the economist Joseph Schumpeter in 1942, and has been used in analyzing industries going through great change…a perfect example is the domestic automotive industry. Clearly, the thinking that brought us the Ford Pinto of the 70’s had to be ‘blown up’ in order for improvement to occur.The link below will take you to a VERY brief interview with Eric Topol, MD, associated with his presentation to the 2013 American Hospital Association annual meeting. The interview is only 6 minutes long, but filled with ideas and food for thought. Please find it here:Here are some questions that I have upon watching this interview….you may have others:What will creative disruption in health care look like over the next decade?Is a model where hospitals are only used for intensive care and surgery realistic in the long term? How about the short term?How might digital innovation speed this process?I love his quote near the end, that health care will have to ‘innovate out of this mess.’ What forces might block or hinder this process of innovation? What can be done about them?

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