There is a fair amount of general agreement as to the functi

There is a fair amount of general agreement as to the function of Paleolithic cave paintings as addressed in the text. There are two images that I find most intriguing: SPOTTED HORSES AND NEGATIVE HANDPRINTS FIGURE and RHINOCEROUS, WOUNDED MAN, AND DISEMBOWELED BISON FIGURE. Please discuss the potential meanings of these images by pointing to peculiar aspects that are visible from the images in your text. Two obvious beginnings are the Hand Prints in Figure and the Bird Man in figure Today we have no trouble understanding how changing technologies could impact Neolithic culture. . Choose one work that embodies these changes. Explain which social, environmental, or technological change of the Neolithic period you believe to have been the most significant. Compare it to a similar phenomenon in the past centuryFind and visit the Official Websites for the Cave of Lascaux, Stonehenge and Catal Hoyuk. Summarize the info that you found there that was not in your textbook that you find relevant to the course.Animals occupy an enormous space in this chapter. What is the importance of animals in Paleolithic and Neolithic art? What is the relationship of the hunter-artist to his environment.? How did the hunter-artist use the geography and the fauna? What are some of the theories offered to explain the popularity of animals in Paleolithic art?The question of narrative comes up with regards to prehistoric art. What is the evidence for narrative in this chapter? Make sure to address figures 1-10, 1-15, & 1-16.What evidence of religion can be found in Paleolithic and Neolithic art?Figure 1-11 THE HALL OF BULLS looks like a narrative. Why is it not?Compare and contrast the Woman of Willendorf and the Human Figure from Ain Ghazal . Discuss the social and economic changes that took place between the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. Explain how these changes affected art and architecture. Explain why Neolithic art is said to represent human themes and concerns. How did the need to survive affect the production of prehistoric art? Discuss possible functions of each of the imagery. Describe the difference in depictions of the human form. How do they differ in appearance?

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