There is no word count but make sure you directly answer the

There is no word count but make sure you directly answer the questions provided in at least 3 sentences so I can conform them all into a 5 paragraph essay, thanksLesson 4: Crime Rates and Factors in PracticeAccording to Chapter 12 of the textbook, auto theft “is anothercommon larceny offense. Because of its frequency and seriousness, it istreated as a separate category in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR).”To read more about car theft, go to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) website.Research the top 5 cars most stolen in the last three years by clickingon “Theft and Fraud Awareness” in the menu, then clicking “Top VehiclesStolen by State.” Alternatively, use your favorite search engine tosearch for “top vehicles stolen by state (SOUTH CAROLINA).”What are the characteristics of the cars stolen most often? How hasthe list changed from year to year? What do you believe are the reasonthese cars are most commonly stolen?Put Question 1: Then answer and so forthQuestion 1: Introduction describing the focus of the paper.Question 2: Summarize the top 5 cars most stolen from the last three years.Question 3: What are the characteristics of the cars stolen most often?Question 4: How has the list changed from year to year?Question 5: What do you believe are the reasons these cars are mostcommonly stolen? What can people do to reduce their chances of beingvictims of car theft?

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