This assignment deals with a significant moment in the road

This assignment deals with a significant moment in the road to Confederation. The Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada initiated the shift toward ‘responsible government’ in the British Colonies. This form of government evolved into representative government and a unique relatively non-violent form of nation building took hold leading ultimately to Confederation.…Use this link to write a 5 paragraph essay with an intro and conclusion that compares the two rebellions. Around 500 words. Needs to spell checked and in detail.Here is some previous feedback from my teacher.I definitely recommend that you edit this essay so that you will have a better understanding of how to produce proper essays going forward. Also, I highly recommend that you use a proper word processing program in the future to help you catch spelling mistakes and grammar errors, as there were quite a few of them in this essay. I recommend that you download a free program called Open Office, as it will allow you to catch grammar and spelling errors before you even make them! Here is the link to download it: ‘In the future, you always need to include a Works Cited list at the bottom of your essay. This Works Cited list presents all of your sources in MLA format. You also need to include in-text citations whenever you use information from any of your sources. Please read the guide that I have included below on how to use in-text citations and write a Works Cited list. You also need to work on your essay paragraph structure. In the future, your essay needs to be designed to include the following: 1) The essay starts with an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic and contains a clear thesis statement that explains the main idea of your essay. This thesis statement is proved by the content of the paragraphs that follow it. 2) Three body paragraphs which live between your introduction and conclusion. These body paragraphs prove your thesis statement, so they need to contain lots of in-text citations to back up your information. Also, each of these body paragraphs needs to begin with a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph, and then each body paragraph needs to end with a concluding sentence that summarizes the content of each paragraph. 3) Finally, your essay needs to end with a concluding paragraph that summarizes your thesis statement and the points that you have made in your body paragraphs. 4) You follow the concluding paragraph with a list of works cited. ‘Below are files that will help you refer.

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