this is a 2 part assignment1. please read the attached chap

this is a 2 part assignment:1. please read the attached chapter and pick ONE Topic then write a discussion post about the topic with facts that is 150-250 words long and has a question at the end that other students can answer with 150 words. Like the example below! Need to be a topic from the chapter EXAMPLE: The purpose of the Fourth Amendment is to protect people from government searches of their person, houses, papers and effects. (Epstein and Walker) If the government did not personally trespass or search a person’s belonging then it was not violated. With this being said, it doesn’t prohibit police officers from searching and seizing, it keeps them from activities that are unreasonable. With the changes in technology today there have been issues arise whether a search or seizure was unlawful and if it violated a person’s Fourth Amendment rights. One of the first cases that the Supreme Court heard involved electronic eavesdropping in 1928. (Epstein and Walker) Other cases included wiretapping of a telephone, having a GPS device planted on a vehicle, or even being strip searched when suspected of drugs. While some of the cases were lost, and the search are seizure was considered lawful, others were not. All of these cases have helped shaped what does and doesn’t not violate the Fourth Amendment. Question: What do you think the most influential cases are when it comes to search and seizures?Works CitedEpstein, Lee and Thomas G. Walker. Constitutional Law For A Changing America: Rights, Liberties and Justice. 8th. London: Sage Publications, Inc. , 2013.2. write a 1000 word research paper about a Topic from the chapter, detailed instructions are attached in the word document

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