this is a BASHMETAR script and there is a mistake in the cl

this is a BASHMETAR script and there is a mistake in the cloud section, i want the mistake fixed.the full assignment:create a series of regular expressions that identify different parts composing a METAR. METARs are reports assembled with a particular format that is easy to decode with computer systems using regular expressions. These reports typically come in two forms: North American METARs and International METARs. Create a series of regular expressions that decode each token of information using the North American METAR form.You can find METAR reports at the following address: order to find the weather information you need to get a METAR report from any airport you wish utilizing the appropriate code and then apply the different regular expressions to identify each token and eventually extract it from the report.submission should be a script that reads a single line METAR from a file named: metar.txt Your script output (to the shell screen) should include:1.the report type: either METAR or SPECI for “Special Report”2.the station identifies (four characters starting with a K)3.Day of the month and time the report was filed4.If the token ‘AUTO’ is present, you should output “This is a fully automated report”5.If the token ‘COR’ is present, you should output “This is a corrected observation”6.Wind direction and speed, wind gusting, and variable wind directions7.Visibility in statute miles8.Light, medium, or heavy rain (-RA|RA|+RA)9.Cloud Conditions: [0 or more occurrences of each of the following]a.Sky Clearb.Few Clouds

c.Scattered Clouds

d.Broken Clouds

e.Overcast Clouds

10.Temperature11.Dew Point12.Barometric Pressure13.If the token ‘TH’ is present, you should output “Thunderstorms reported in the area”um temperature for past 6 hours reported to nearest tenth of degree Celsius; reported on 00, 06, 12, 18 UTC reports; sn = 1 if temperature below 0oC and 0 if temperature 0oC or higher.the script that needs to be fixed: #!/bin/bashtoken1=’AUTO’token2=’COR’METARFILE=’metar.txt’VSM=$(egrep -o ‘s[[:digit:]]*SM’ $METARFILE | tr -d SM)RAIN=$(egrep -o ‘?WRA’ $METARFILE | tr -d [:blank:])CLOUD_SKC=$((`egrep –o ‘SKC[[:digit:]]*?’ $METARFILE | cut -c4-6`*100))CLOUD_FEW=$((`egrep –o ‘FEW[[:digit:]]*?’ $METARFILE | cut -c4-6`*100))CLOUD_SCT=$((`egrep –o ‘SCT[[:digit:]]*?’ $METARFILE | cut -c4-6`*100))CLOUD_BKN=$((`egrep –o ‘BKN[[:digit:]]*?’ $METARFILE | cut -c4-6`*100))CLOUD_OVC=$((`egrep –o ‘OVC[[:digit:]]*?’ $METARFILE | cut -c4-6`*100))TD_TEMP=$(egrep -o ‘[[:digit:]]{2}//?M[[:digit:]]{2}’ $METARFILE | cut -c1-2)TD_DEW=$(egrep -o ‘[[:digit:]]{2}//?M[[:digit:]]{2}’ $METARFILE | tr -d M | cut -c4 5)TH=$(egrep -o ‘sTHs’ $METARFILE | tr -d [:blank:] )printf ‘Report type:tt’egrep -o ‘METAR|SPECI’ $METARFILEprintf ‘Location:tt’egrep -o ‘sK[A-Z]{3}s’ $METARFILEDTGROUP=$(egrep -o ‘[[:digit:]]*Z’ $METARFILE)day_of_month=$(echo $DTGROUP | cut -c1-2)report_time_hour=$(echo $DTGROUP | cut -c3-4)report_time_min=$(echo $DTGROUP | cut -c5-6)printf ‘Day of month:tt%dn’ $day_of_monthprintf ‘Time:ttt%d:%dn’ $report_time_hour $report_time_minwind=$(egrep -o ‘[[:digit:]]*?G[[:digit:]]*KT’ $METARFILE)wind_dir=$(echo $wind | cut -c1-3)wind_spd=$(echo $wind | cut -c4-5)wind_var=$(egrep -o ‘s[[:digit:]]V[[:digit:]]s’ $METARFILE)wind_var1=$(echo $wind_var | cut -c1-3)wind_var2=$(echo $wind_var | cut -c5-7)printf ‘Wind direction:tt%d, Speed: %dn’ $wind_dir $wind_spdif [ ‘x$wind_var’ != ‘x’ ] ; thenprintf ‘Wind direction is variable between %d and %dn’ $wind_var1$wind_var2fiprintf ‘Visibility:tt%d Status Milesn’ $VSMif [ ‘$RAIN’ == ‘+RA’ ] ; thenprintf ‘Heavy Rainn’elif [ ‘$RAIN’ == ‘RA’ ] ; thenprintf ‘Medium Rainn’elif [ ‘$RAIN’ == ‘-RA’ ] ; thenprintf ‘Light Rainn’else printf ‘n’fiprintf ‘Cloud Conditions:ttn'[ $CLOUD_SKC ] && printf ‘Clouds: ttSky clear, at %d feet above sea leveln’$CLOUD_SKC[ $CLOUD_FEW ] && printf $CLOUD_FEW[ $CLOUD_SCT ] && printf$CLOUD_SCT[ $CLOUD_BKN ] && printfleveln’ $CLOUD_BKN[ $CLOUD_OVC ] && printfleveln’ $CLOUD_BKN’Clouds: ttA few, at %d feet above sea leveln”Clouds: ttScattered, at %d feet above sea leveln”Clouds: ttBroken clouds, at %d feet above sea’Clouds: ttOvercast clouds, at %d feet above seaprintf ‘Temperature:tt%s degrees Celsiusn’ $TD_TEMPprintf ‘Dew point:tt%s degrees Celsiusn’ $TD_DEWif [ ‘$TH’ ] ; thenprintf ‘Thunderstorms reported in the arean’fiif [ $(egrep -o ‘$token1>’ $METARFILE) ] ; thenprintf ‘This is a fully automated reportn’fiif [ $(egrep -o ‘$token2>’ $METARFILE) ] ; thenprintf ‘This is a corrected observationn’fi

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