This is a school paper on the meaning of friendship. Please

This is a school paper on the meaning of friendship. Please use credible sources and not personal experience or online non-credible sources. The assignment has 2 essays:In the first essay, given what you learned in this course, please share your perspective on the fate of friendship and how you believe contemporary ethics will impact it. Be sure to refer to at least three of the five following components, summarizing what you learned about the influences of these factors:Online social mediaDifferent abilities, disabilitiesClassDiversityRaceGenderSexual PreferencesWork environmentSpiritualityPoliticsFor the second essay, discuss how three of the five following philosophers can be utilized to discuss issues of friendship. The emphasis here is on discussing the specific philosophies of three of the:CiceroAristotleAugustineAquinasSocratesFor each essay, please cite at least one or more credible sources, such as the textbook (The meaning of Friendship by Mark Vernon) , a newspaper, journal article, or book. Wikipedia, websites, or any similar online reference sites where the content may be authored by anyone are not considered credible sources for scholarly writing.Each essay should be 450–600 words in length, single spaced, and in APA format. Evaluation CriteriaKeep the following points in mind:The essay should be well organized and logically structured.The hypothesis should be clearly stated and arguments should be presented logically to support the hypothesis.The essay should integrate key concepts from the readings.

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