Throughout this course you have explored different componen

Throughout this course, you have explored different components of the research process, specific to your Doctoral Study, and have begun to develop the foundation for the next steps you will take in your independent scholarship as a doctoral-level researcher. In order to ensure you are well-equipped for this undertaking, it is important to stop and take stock of the knowledge you have already gained so that you can assess where you might need additional support.To prepare for this Discussion, in addition to reviewing this week’s Learning Resources, consider the knowledge and skills gained in the activities completed throughout this course. Consider how this course has influenced your understanding of the research process from previous courses or personal experience.By Day 3Post an assessment of your understanding of the research process. Your assessment should include the following:How has your learning from this experience influenced what you will do going forward through your doctoral study process? Be sure to provide supportive examples. What areas of weaknesses can you build upon going forward into your Doctoral Study? Be sure to provide supportive examples.What opportunities have you identified for promoting positive social change based on your increased understanding? Explain.What further questions do you still have about the doctoral research process?Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source.

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