Topic 1 Code Development HearingsYour request to attend cod

Topic 1: Code Development HearingsYour request to attend code development hearings has been denied based upon the city manager’s belief that the potential benefit does not justify the expense. Aside from the ability to vote on code changes, what are the benefits of attending national code hearings? Hello Everyone, This is an interesting question. Besides the code change, the new ideas that are being developed for code will be discussed any future adoptions will also be provided for at the meeting so that information could be brought back and incorporated before the big push to change things. The networking from other communities of your size and population will be in attendance so you may be able to discuss any issues or qualities that are occurring. From the enforcement end it may be very beneficial. Thanks, ProfessorTopic 2: Plan reviewDoes the benefit of plan review outweigh the expense? Justify your reasoning. As we look at a current disaster the Gledhill apartment fire in London, can you ask if you thought a proper plan review could have prevented that? I believe that a plan review catches errors or missed items on a code review by the architect. There are many examples of missed code review items on a building that have caused disasters. The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City skywalk collapse was one that because bolts and fastener where not checked and many people lost their lives from it. I feel that it is an essential part of fire prevention to complete this action. Thanks, Professor

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