Topic 1 of 1 Creating a Marketing Plan Administrators play

Topic 1 of 1: Creating a Marketing Plan Administrators play an important role in marketing the early childhood program they administer. As an administrator, you will be responsible for creating a marketing plan that will help you grow the program you administrate. To create a marketing plan, administrators need to research the market, complete a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis, and identify target audiences. After reading Chapter 16 from the course textbook, please respond to all three parts of the discussion described below:Part 1: Part 1 of the Discussion focuses on how to create a marketing plan. Review the components of a well-developed marketing plan described in this week’s readings, and describe the steps involved in completing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis. What kind of information is gained from a SWOT Analysis? How can the information be used to promote your program? How can the information be used to strengthen public relations efforts?Part 2: For Part 2 of the Discussion, you will focus on how to use a SWOT analysis for strategic planning. A SWOT Analysis reveals potential threats to program quality and growth. What marketing strategies would you use to address these threats and minimize their impact?Part 3: For Part 3 of the Discussion, you will focus on identifying target audiences to draw interest to your early childhood program. After completing a SWOT Analysis, you will need to decide where, how and to whom to market your program (Sciarra, Lynch, Adams, & Dorsey, 2016, p. 341). Keep in mind that “not everyone sees through the same eyes or hears through the same ears” (Wassom, 2004, p. 6). When trying to market your program to families and stakeholders, administrators need to consider generational factors. With this in mind, what traditional and social media marketing strategies would you use to target Boomers, Generation X-ers, and Millennials? ReferencesSciarra, J., Lynch, E., Adams, S., & Dorsey, A. (2016). Developing and administering a child care and education program. (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.Wassom, J. (2004). Do they see what you see? Marketing to a new generation of child care buyers. Child Care Information Exchange, 201, p. 82-85.

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