Topic Government Budgeting and Financial Management Client’

Topic: Government Budgeting and Financial Management Client’s time: GMT -5Deadline:June 23 04:42pm Order total:20Compensation$4 / Page Pages:5, Double spacedSources:3Order type:Term Paper Subject:Management Academic level:MasterStyle: APALanguage:English (U.S.) Order Description 1. Describe the process through which the federal government makes its budget. Who are the major actors in the process? What strategies and tactics do they use 11 during the budget-making process? What are the significant strategies, problems, and constraints that influence and shape the process? 2. Compare and contrast, in as many discrete ways as you can, the US federal budget process and state/local budgeting. 3. Aaron Wildavsky famously asserted “a normative theory of budgeting would be a comprehensive and specific political theory detailing what the government’s activities ought to be at a particular time.” That is, a theory of budgeting is a theory of politics. Discuss in detail the point of Wildavsky’s assertion. Do you agree or disagree? (Whether you agree or disagree with Wildavsky is not the issue.) Be clear about your logic and take a stand on the issue. Fully explain and logically justify your position.4. Define – then compare and contrast – line-item budgeting, performance budgeting, planning programming budgeting system (PPBS), and zero-base budgeting (ZBB). What are the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each? Which do you think should be used today? Defend your answer.

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