Topic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Law Enforcement Asse

Topic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Law Enforcement Assessment Tool Synopsis: To address learning objective two and to further your web-based learning experience beyond required reading of this PowerPoint. You will need to select an assessment or screening tool. Assessment Tool Synopsis is to be APA formatted and not to exceed 1-2 pages in length (not including reference page); however neither Title page or Abstract Page are required. Write a brief review of the assessment tool. Describe any psychometric qualities of the test, any required credentials or training to use the assessment tool, intended population, and list its strengths and identify any weaknesses. Most importantly, make a firm, positive or negative recommendation for its use by your reader. Recommended Websites: Police Suicide: Epidemic in Blue American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress ( International Critical Incident Stress Foundation ( CIT International: Police Psychological Service Section of The International Association of Chiefs of Police ( Author: John M. ViolantiMore references linksBerd, C. (2015) Evaluating Police Psychology: Who Passes the Test? Retrieved from…Mark, R.S. (2014) The Consistency of the Use of the Psychological Evaluation During the Selection Process Among Law Enforcement Agencies. Retrieved from…Scrivner, Ellen M. (2002) ROLE OF POLICE PSYCHOLOGY IN CONTROLLING EXCESSIVE FORCE IN 50 LARGE CITIES IN THE UNITED STATES. Retrieved from…References:Clevenger, S. M. (2015). Behind The Badge. A Psychological Treatment Handbook For Law Enforcement Officers. New York, NY: Routledge.Violanti, J. M. (2007). Police Suicide: Epidemic In Blue (2nd ed.). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.A Brief History of the MMPI Instruments. (2015, September 04). Retrieved June 20, 2017, from Psychology. (n.d.). Retrieved June 24, 2017, from Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). (2016, July 17). Retrieved June 20, 2017, from

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