1)Lately, your top sales manager Tony has been very drowsy after lunch each day and is noticeably less productive than normal. Mary Ellen, a coworker, spots Tony in a sports bar during lunchtime having at least two beers. She comes back to the office and tells you. As the Administrative Manager, what would you do?Be sure to write 3-4 paragraphs



Conflict resolution is one of the most important skills to live in a harmonious workplace, but also in our personal lives!  Also, knowing how to manage conflict can help us as administrative managers.  

Please take the attached quiz, and add up your scores.

Then, please perform research on your preferred style.  Provide the references to at least 2 articles in APA format at the end of your memo.  

Finally, write a 1-2 page memo addressing the following:

1.  Preferred style and discussion (Does this seem effective?  What examples can you give of how you tend to use this style?)

2.  At least 3 positive aspects of your preferred style; include discussion

3.  At least 3 challenges with your preferred style; include discussion