Assignment 1

Please review the video in this module on emotional intelligence and do some reflection on your own strengths and weaknesses.  What can you do to improve and prepare you for a management position?

Please prepare a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) on yourself.  Address what you “bring to the table” in terms of your ideal career and also address those things that may be challenging you.  Finally, for opportunities, focus on your weaknesses and what you can do to improve those.  


Assignment 2

As a professional, you will need to find your first position or a new one.  Regardless of whether you already know what type of position you seek or not, this can help!   

Write a one- or two-page memo report addressing the four (4) points below.  Each of the four points should have its own heading in the memo. 

Access job search websites such as, careerbuilder, LinkedIn, or any other you choose.  Then:

1.  Provide possible job titles for at least six jobs you are interested in

2.  Perform research on salary range for each of these job titles and include this information in your memo

3.  Discuss qualifications needed for each job (do not copy information–instead synthesize it for each job)

Note, you might consider putting this information in a chart for easier readability.  

4.  Discuss any gaps in your skills/abilities to get the job you want.  What should you do/are you doing to overcome these gaps?