Two of the standard forms of business writing that you may e

Two of the standard forms of business writing that you may encounter in business writing are the following:the business letter (Click the link to see information on how to format and structure a business letter.)The memo (Click the link to see information on how to structure and format a memo. The Purdue Owl also has good information on memo structure and format.) For video discussions and explanations of letters and memos, click each link.When you have completed your review of these forms of business writing, do the following:1) Choose one of the sites that you reviewed.2) In a paragraph of about 100 words, explain two or three key elements that the web site notes about a specific form of business writing (identify whether you are discussing letters or memos). It would be especially good if you noted something that surprised you or that you disagreed with based on your own career experience with the type of business writing you discuss.3) Respond to at least one classmate’s post.718Unread for topic Standard Types of Business Writing: (18) View profile card for Shawna Rand Loading…Shawna Rand4 hours agoConsidering Communication Barriers and Inhibitors Contains unread postsView Topic View Topic in Grid View Subscribe Actions for Considering Communication Barriers and Inhibitors Your first writing assignment asks you to write a report (see the discussion topic ‘Standard Types of Business Writing’ for an example of the format that you might use for your assignment).In Chapter 2 of Business Communication for Success you are introduced to the communication process. The elements of the communication process include the following:SourceMessageChannelReceiverFeedbackEnvironmentContextInterferenceOur focus in this first writing assignment is on the last of these – interference. Any barrier or inhibitor that negatively affects successful communication is interference. After you have completed reading Chapter 2, reviewed the pdf files on Communication Barriers, and reviewed your assignment directions, complete this discussion topic by doing the following tasks:1) decide which communication barrier(s) you believe are most powerfully affecting your communication process in the workplace or community scenario you think you will choose for your assignment;2) write a paragraph or two in which you explain how and why you think these barriers are the main culprits negatively affecting successful communication.3) Offer one classmate feedback on his/her post noting similarities or differences that you find interesting compared to the situation you described in your own post.NOTE: This is not your essay assignment. To complete your assignment, go to the Assignment area and review the assignment directions, then complete and submit your draft of the assignment in your assignment folder.22Unread for topic Considering Communication Barriers and Inhibitors: (2) View profile card for Isaac Henneh Loading…Isaac Hennehyesterday at 4:12

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