Unit 1 IntroductionHistoryCivilizationUnit 2 Seventeenth-Cen

Unit 1 IntroductionHistoryCivilizationUnit 2 Seventeenth-Century EuropeOliver CromwellLouis XIVOld Regime (Ancien Régime)Glorious RevolutionUnit 3 East AsiaQing (Manchu) DynastyTokugawa ShogunateToyotomi HideyoshiUnit 4 Persia, a Gunpowder Empire?Mughal EmpireSafavid EmpireSuleimanAkbarUnit 5 Scientific Revolution and EnlightenmentIsaac NewtonVoltaireDenis DiderotBaron de MontesquieuUnit 6 Industrialization and Western ModernizationKarl MarxUrbanizationIndustrial RevolutionCharles DarwinUnit 7 Nineteenth-Century WorldOpium WarsPorfirio DiazChinua AchebeImperialismUnit 8 RussiaLeninStalinBolsheviksNicholas IIUnit 9 World War IErich Maria RemarqueEntente CordialeTrench WarfareAtatürk (Mustafa Kemal)Unit 10 World War IIBenito MussoliniAdolf HitlerOperation BarbarossaFinal SolutionUnit 11 South Asian IndependenceMohandas GandhiMuhammad Ali JinnahJawaharlal NehruNon-Aligned MovementUnit 12 Decolonization and Nation-Building Nelson MandelaArab-Israeli ConflictApartheidUnited NationsUnit 13 Cold WarYalta conferenceVietnam WarNikita KhrushchevCuban missile crisisUnit 14 Worldwide ModernizationHezbollahMao ZedongGlobalizationHo Chi MinhUnit 15 Final ExamTechnological RevolutionHuman rightsArab-Israeli ConflictAn Inconvenient Truth(2006)Unit 16 Twenty-First Century WorldHistoryCivilization______________________________________________________________Unit 1 IntroductionHow has geography influenced the course of history?What is human progress?Unit 2 Seventeenth-Century EuropeWhy did Parliament succeed in expanding its powers in England?What were some of the characteristics of political modernization in France?Unit 3 East AsiaWhat were some of the characteristics of Chinese and Japanese society in the early modern period?During the Tokugawa Shogunate, how did Japanese society respond to Western contact in the early modern period?Unit 4 Persia, a Gunpowder Empire?What factors allowed the Ottoman Turks to create such a large empire?What was the key to Akbar’s success as a ruler?Unit 5 Scientific Revolution and EnlightenmentWhat did Isaac Newton achieve as a scientist?Why was the era called the ‘Enlightenment?’Unit 6 Industrialization and Western ModernizationHow did industrial production change Western society?Compare and contrast some of the major characteristics of economic and political modernization in England and Japan in the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries.Unit 7 Nineteenth-Century WorldWhy did Britain expand its overseas empire in the nineteenth century?Why were African societies susceptible to European control?Unit 8 RussiaWhy were the Bolshevks able to triumph in the civil war in Russia?What factors promoted the collapse of the tsarist autocracy in Russia in February 1917?Unit 9 World War IWhy did the Great War turn into a world war?Why did nobody stop the rush to war in 1914?Unit 10 World War IIHow did World War II differ from the Great War?How do you explain why the genocide carried out by Nazi Germany occurred?Unit 11 South Asian IndependenceWhy did South Asian leaders insist on the partition of the subcontinent?Compare and contrast some of the major characteristics of economic and political modernization in England and Japan in the twentieth century.Unit 12 Decolonization and Nation-BuildingWhat were some of the common features experienced by countries of the ‘Developing World’ since 1945?Compare and contrast the experiences of Angola and Ghana after each country achieved its independence?Unit 13 Cold WarHow did the Cold War begin?What were some of the key events of the Cold War?Unit 14 Worldwide ModernizationWhy did China and India react differently to the Western challenge?What were some of the common features experienced by countries of the ‘Developed World?’Unit 15 Final ExamWhat are some of the different political ideologies present in the world since 1945?How have technology developments shaped the modern world?Unit 16 Twenty-First Century WorldHow has geography influenced the course of history?What is human progress?Please answer each question in a long paragraph. Thanks.

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