Unit 1 IntroductionHow has geography influenced the course o

Unit 1 IntroductionHow has geography influenced the course of history?What is human progress?Unit 2 Pre-HistoryWhat role did technological innovation play in the development of early humankind?What was important about the shift to the use of systematic agriculture in the Neolithic period?Unit 3 Ancient Near EastWhy did cities first form in Mesopotamia?What enabled ancient Egypt to exist for so long a period of time as a cultural unit?Unit 4 Classical GreeceWhy were the Ancient Greeks so interested in questions of philosophy? What factors enabled Alexander the Great to build a large empire?Unit 5 Classical Rome and ChristianityWhat factors contributed to the eventual destruction of the Roman empire?What was the role of Saint Paul of Tarsus in shaping the early Christian church?Unit 6 Islam and EmpireHow did Islam continue the traditions of Christianity and Judaism?How did the Islamic empire of the Abbasid era mirror some of the features of the late Roman Empire?Unit 7 RussiaWhat were some of the distinctive features of early Russian civilization based in Kiev? What factors enabled Byzantine civilization to last until the fifteenth century? Unit 8 CharlemagneWhy did Charlemagne distrust the pope’s motives in crowning Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor?What factors enabled Charlemagne to create such a powerful empire? Unit 9 Early Middle AgesWhy was the Magna Carta an important step in the political evolution of England in the Middle Ages?What was chivalry?Unit 10 FeudalismWhat impact did the Crusades have on the development of European civilization?Why did feudalism develop after the fall of the Roman empire?Unit 11 Medieval RussiaHow did the Mongols affect the development of Russia?How did Muscovite Russia compare with other European states of the period?Unit 12 Late Middle Ages What caused the rise of national monarchies in the Middle Ages?Why was Joan of Arc burned at the stake?Unit 13 Reformation Why did these reform movements in the Catholic Church succeed at this moment in time?What was the impact of the Council of Trent on the Catholic church?Unit 14 RenaissanceWhat was the role of the church in the Renaissance?Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?Unit 15 Final ExamHow did the discovery of other world societies change Europe’s view of itself?What specific technologies did Europeans develop that allowed them to sail the open seas?Unit 16 The World in 1500How has geography influenced the course of history?What is history?Please answers each of the questions above in a long paragraph. Thanks!

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