Unit 3In 1993 the Supreme Court voted unanimously to attach

Unit 3In 1993, the Supreme Court voted unanimously to attach harsher penalties to hate crimes.In 2000, the Supreme Court reversed a lower courts decision that a crime was a ‘hate crime’ because the judge rather than a jury made that decisions.1. Do you agree or disagree with the 1993 decision and why.2. Do you agree or disagree with the 2000 decision and why.Discussion Source Use and APA Format: Expected word count in Initial post is 500 words; for reply posts, 150 words expected. I expect perfect APA technique. The minimum requirement is at least one (1) source used in the initial posting.2 days agoREQUIREMENTSschool criminal justice school criminal law school Introduction to Criminal Lawbook Brody D Acker J 2010 Criminal Law 2nd ed Burlington MA Jones Bartlett account_balance Bethel Universitybookmark Criminal Law

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