Please Read Instructions First:  This assignment “DOES NOT” require APA style.  No headers or cover page is needed.  I must post on online for class.  All work should be original with no plagiarism and in proper English grammar.  The responses should include answering the main discussion questions, fully, including proper cites as well.  When you use citations and resources, I should be able to look it up to find where you got it from and to ensure they are accurate.  (USE ALL BOOK, JOURNALS, MAGAZINE ARTICLES, PUBLICATIONS, CITATIONS AND RESOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT FROM THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA!)  I highlighted the questions in “red, bold, italic and underlined” so you know which ones to answer.  Each discussion question should cover the question completely and be a paragraph or more in length.  The more in-depth the information is, the better.

“Pitch Perfect”  Please respond to the following:

Watch the following videos from the video serious Giving Your Elevetor Pitch with Todd Dewett:

“Benefits to an Elevator Pitch” (2 min 01 s)

“Making an Initial connection” (2 min 43 s)

“Structuring your Pitch” (3 min 57 s)

Then, rank the following factors in order of importance when developing an elevator speech, and provide a rationale for your response.

Speech is confident, not arrogant

Use of positive and compelling words

Short in duration

General to the industry in question

Specific to the company’s mission and company’s values