In a 2 page (minimum) paper following APA format, analyze its strengths and weaknesses. NEEDS TO HAVE AN ABSTRACT

The Design:

  • Test barcode software against requirements
  • Training shift leaders in the use of barcode readers
  • Provide barcode training manuals for shift leaders to use in training their teams
  • Bring up one wing of the sleep labs per week until all labs are up and running
  • Provide on-the-floor coaches who rotate through sleep labs assisting the technicians, troubleshoot, and coach the use of the barcode readers
  • During the week that a wing is building its barcode skills, debrief the wing-team at the end of the shift and debrief senior management at their morning “huddle”

Be sure to follow up your suggestions with data from credible resources. Remember that your title and reference page are not considered in the minimum page count requirements.